bar_034 Founder & CEO

Rick King - President & CEO

Rick King has spent the past decade leading a variety of significant websites & was a lead webmaster at three major federal agencies.  His most recent exploit was team up with Mohr Productions from Hollywood, California as a Producer for the documentary "Radio Wars."  The production highlighted the evolution of Radio from the age of Tesla to modern Satellite Media and more specifically the battles that resulted in the financial markets.  In 2009 he decided to embark on a new journey here at King of All Trades.  He spent most of 2009 building a unique team of community managers/moderators, and financial journalists into a cohesive team engaged in every aspect of the Financial Markets.  He has over 12 years experience writing and editing publications for a variety of Government Agencies, and has been at the tip of many emerging political issues.

Rick's insight has been key in shaping many important events and he has experience briefing some of the nations highest leaders.  He has a stern interest in providing the most accurate and informative journalistic resource for his followers.  He is keen to engaging important questions about the broader financial markets and is very attuned to his readers' interest.  Rick is continually seeking the truth as he explores the ins and outs of the daily markets and guiding his team to follow suit.  In time - he hopes this new website not only provides a valuable daily knowledge source for his forum members - but also a growing source of daily market information to assist those with a need to get the latest information during the daily ebb and tide of the stock markets. His insights are unique and relevant - and almost always entertaining given his history.


Vice President & Editor

Relmor Demitrius - Technical Analyst

Relmor Demitrius has been investing in the markets for years, and has experience dealing with commodity tades, equity trades, and option trading.  He has been interviewed for two critical documentaries (Radio Wars & Stock Shock) regarding the financial markets and is a key person in the team.  He is an expert in technical analysis and can offer opinions on a technical basis on any trade.  Fundamental knowledge of an individual equity is handled expertly by Mr. Demitrius, and his sage wisdom helps guide our panel experts on a daily basis.  His personal expertise has grown recently to include both Sirius XM Radio and information/media technology stocks and associated services.  He is also well versed in the Gold/Silver trade and all economic and social commentary, as these isses can and will affect our members' trading strategies.  Basically here at kingofalltrades, there will be no angle not covered to enable all our members to help become the best investors they can possibly be.  He is also versed in Media translation (media speak) and how to use interpretation of the main stream media to your trading advantage.


Marketing & Member Relations

Andrew Montero - Marketing & Member Relations

Andy was born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y and Long Island, N.Y. He made the decision to leave shortly after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. He is fluent in Spanish and Italian and can speak and read several languages. He currently makes his home in Fayetteville, N.C. and hopes to help get the truth out to the masses regarding SIRIUS XM and any other stocks he is involved with. He is also a military veteran having served in the Navy, culminating with the first Gulf War.

Mr. Montero began writing about Sirius XM Radio as a result of seeing so much mainstream media misinformation with regards to coverage of the financial markets and was recently featured (and participated as a writer) in the documentary "Radio Wars."  He immediately honed in on pertinent facts regarding the satellite media corporation in 2009.  Prior to that, he had not written anything publicly, but had been involved in acquisition documentation along with test and evaluation plans for Military Acquisition programs. Andy has held positions as a Logistics Analyst, Business Analyst & Developer, and has written insightful responses to requests for information and RFPs for Government Contract Corporations.  At times, he held positions in the Federal Government workforce, and later as a military contractor working on his own terms.  He has considerable experience as a Stockbroker and is an expert in the Food and Beverage industry.  Additional experiences include retail, having worked for Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Target Corporation among others.  Andy truly is a King of All Trades.