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Many months ago I started working on a way to give occasional discounted subscription rates here at KOAT. After many months of sorting out the system to support coupons, I am announcing our first ever Gold Membership Monthly Coupon Code.

From now through February 14th, 2014, If you enter the code "RELMOR99" in the coupon entry when signing up for either a Monthly or Annual Gold Membership (look for "I have a coupon to use" on the bottom left of the confirm & pay page), you will receive a 25% discounted rate on your subscription.

As we continue into another year we plan to offer many more great deals like this. Keep your eyes open for our next offering on unique KOAT Gifts in the Gift Shop around July.

Thanks for your support,


Source: January Gold Membership Promotion Code !



I have wanted to throw a surprise your way for a while. Here it is:

Free email. Like you don't already have enough email accounts you say?

Think about this - you'll immediately have access to outlook. The latest version online. The account never ends.

Every time you use your new email you help the community here by spreading out brand with your email.

Anyone can have a gmail or yahoo email account. Only Gold Members and KOAT Staff can sign up for a email account.

So for those of you in Gold or on the KOAT Staff - just follow the link above and register for your free email account today.


Source: New Free email for Gold Members & Staff



Yet another quick change I want to announce:

With the reorganization, the lower monthly rates, and all the improvements, it's been decided that we'll open up some perks to Gold Members, but make those perks more exclusive. From today on, our premium chat is now exclusive to the Gold Membership Group. So if you would like to enjoy both the public and private whisper chat we offer, please sign up for the new $5.95 Monthly Gold Subscription rate today.



Source: Chat Access For Gold Members Only Now



I have been thinking for a while about better ways to reach out to those people we all know who have not yet found their way to KOAT. What I have come up with is perhaps the single most efficient and agreeable way to grow while ensuring we bring folks onboard who truly match our interests and goals. Here is what I propose:

I want to run a contest. Cash Prizes to keep it simple. You can request a KOAT T-Shirt or Mug if you want one as well with the Cash Prize.

The overall intent is this: The members already participating at KOAT will receive a reward for bringing a specific number of new contributing posters/members to our website. They don't have to subscribe to Gold necessarily. We could even run 2 contests. 1 for the member who brings the most new Gold Subscribers over and 1 for the member who brings the most new members period.

This is one of those posts I really want you all to consider. It is important as a group that we start expanding and bringing fresh opinions and experiences to KOAT. To make that happen I'm willing to reward the members who take the time to make that happen.

Before you respond - think about what size recruitment effort we all can reasonably attain. Should we make the contest for the first to recruit 10 new members? 100? 20 Gold?

Once we sort out the end facts for the contest - I will assign a cash prize. If we go the route of the Gold Memberships - and we set the amount to at least 15 new Gold Members - I will pay a minimum of 100 dollar cash prize.

So if you want to earn some money for doing what you already do, sharing KOAT with your friends and colleagues, and helping us grow - please respond to this thread with serious feedback so I can discuss with the founding members.



Source: Enlisting Your Help to Grow KOAT


And the winner is:

Thanks for the participation in our semiannual member contest!

The following members will be receiving a copy of the Radio Wars DVD featuring Relmor and the KOAT Crew, plus a bonafide KOAT T-Shirt or Coffee Mug (winner's choice).













Our Grand Prize Winner will be Mike0475! who will receive 50 dollars cash, plus the T-Shirt/Mug, and a free Radio Wars DVD.

I will be working up a plan for the next contest. Please stay tuned and thanks.

Caveat: All Prizes not redeemed by June 2013 will be considered expired. Prize Winners must provide their real name and mailing address via the following email address to claim their prize and allow us to get the items in the mail:



Source: Two Great Summer Surprises From King of All Trades



Over the past few years we have been looking for better ways to accept and process payment for membership on our website. I am happy to finally announce that your wait is over. As of today, testing is complete on the new payment processing system through partnership with 2checkout - a major payment processing company that provides a robust system and a welcome alternative to paypal.

All current members that use Paypal will still be able to use it, however, a new payment system/option - 2Checkout - is now available and you can choose that payment method as part of the subscription process (click membership above and follow the steps).

Thanks for your patience and continued support.


Founder -

Source: New Payment Method - 2Checkout


Time to shake things up.

I am starting a contest... and the gloves are off.... let's see if we can have a little fun with it...

From July 4th to December 25th. Independence Day to Christmas Day.

I have created a special automatic tracking table here: http://www.kingofall...pp=powercontest

You can also find a new navigation tab above to access that page. Here's how it will work:

New posts are worth 1 point. New Topics are worth 3 points. Person with the most points by Christmas get a prize worthy of envy. The prize will remain a mystery for now, but very soon I will post a full information page regarding the Contest.

So you don't have to do anything but do what you already do - visit koat and post and keep the discussion alive. How can it get any simpler than that?



Source: Sirius XM (SIRI) Daily Thread for Tuesday June 26th 2012


As originally posted in the daily SIRI Thread:


Thanks for your great support of KOAT this year. I wanted to throw a quick shoutout to all of our Gold Membership while I am balancing the numbers and paying the bills this month. We have continued to hold our own despite all the opposition and that is a reflection of the unique team we have here. :D

Without each of you supporting the great efforts underway here, as led by Relmor, Andy, Irish, Sheree and the rest of the team, we would have faded into oblivion over a year ago. It is truly awe inspiring to have kept this going and watched it grow. I am looking forward to getting a few new ideas kick started as we go into the next year and hope each of you remains a part of it.

Congratulate to all of the longs on the board for your continued patience during such a difficult time of wild sp swings across the market. Many of you paid heed to the advice lent here by Relmor, Andy, Irish, Sheree and our long-term senior members and profited. Some didn't, but I believe you learned and still garnered value from the experience.

I will post a few more things in the weeks ahead as I get moving. I wanted to share a quick note I received a short time ago as relayed by Mohr Productions (The Film Company our KOAT Team worked with to produce "Radio Wars") from Martine Rothblatt herself regarding our efforts to portray the truths behind satellite radio. Keep in mind, the very founder of satellite radio as we know it actually bought a very large number of the dvd's in the first few days of sales and sent them to industry insiders and personal associates. Here is what she said: "Everyone who has seen the DVDs I sent out -- no exceptions -- raves about what a great job she (Sandra Mohr - along with our team) did with the film," she goes further to say "the feedback I have gotten has been 100% positive."

So not only have Relmor, Andy, Irish, Sheree proven they saw past the misinformation and kept a steady hand at the wheel until we started to regain footing with the sp, they have literally affected the documented history of the industry now in a lasting way. Congratulations guys. Accolades from the person that made Sat Rad a reality are not given lightly.

Anyone that hasn't already, we appreciate your suggestions for our website. If you have any recommendations for things you would like to see, we very much like to see your comments. Thanks,


Source: SiriusXM(SIRI) Weekend Thread Sat-Sun-mon. January 14-16th,2012


Ok folks - I have a surprise for you. I'm also going to put this in my personal blog for reference:

Starting Thanksgiving - for 12 months - I'm going to hold a contest. What might the prize be? I'm glad you asked.

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what we have and appreciating those who make our lives what they are. To that end I want to make Thanksgiving memorable.

The prize will be a full year subscription of your choice to Sirius / XM. That is correct - you choose the yearly subscription that fits and I will pay for it. This is not even just from KOAT itself - I am paying for it personally. Excited yet? Ok then read on....

Here is what you have to do:

1. Go into the member forums here - http://www.kingofall...-member-forums/

2. Create a thread titled "your username - Contest Thread 2011" (if you actually put "your username" in the title - I will first laugh then help you fix it.)

3. You have 12 months from the contest startup to bring as many of your friends, relatives, coworkers, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, grandparents, hell anyone you meet on the street to KOAT. They must register and post at least ten times per person for it to count.

4. Each person must post in that thread you create stating that you brought them to KOAT.

I'm calling this the KOAT Friends & Family Contest. SO the more people you bring into the community, the higher your chance of winning.

I will also be giving a second and third place prize. They will both be something worth getting with a KOAT Logo on it.

I am going to appoint KOAT Staff Members - Andy, Relmor, and Irish to judge the contest. In other words I do not advise trying to create fake registrations, we will know. Posts also cannot be spam.

Any registrants who violate the rules of this contest or this forum, post profanity, are otherwise banned for spam or disrupting the community, or are here for the sole purpose of causing disharmony (as determined by our Administrative staff) - will be disqualified.

So in summary: Help our community here grow and I'll pay for a full year's worth of the best Radio in the universe.

Any questions?

Source: Sirius XM (SIRI) Daily Thread for Monday Sept. 26, 2011


Quick Note: We are going to be starting our Annual Fall Donation/Subscription Drive real soon. If there is anything you want to see on the website, regardless of whether it's a feature for the site itself, or specific information from ASM, Relmor, Irish and the rest of the crew, please let us know. Right now I'm working through details on how this year's drive will go. I'm thinking free KOAT gifts for the first dozen who donate. I'll take suggestions/input for the gift choice if there are any preferences. Want a hat? T-Shirt? Coffee Mug? We already have promotional items created if you want to see them at cafepress

Source: SiriusXM(SIRI)Daily Thread Friday September 23rd,2011


Those of you that know me already know that I am a historian. I look to the past for signs of tomorrow. The wise from our past accurately left us the saying "history is destined to repeat itself" for a reason. Many of those soothsayers or oracles from humanity's past were simply those who understood this correlation. So let's look at Labor Day. The first Labor Day celebration was on Tuesday, September 5th, 1882, and was founded in New York City itself. Although federal legislators gave emphasis to this day to celebrate the accomplishments of the working man, it was the state legislative steps that first put Labor Day on the books, starting with New York and Oregon, and eventually trailing to other states, as led by Colorado, Massachussetts, and New Jersey.

Over the years, the focus and enthusiasm for Labor Day has ebbed and flowed with the popular themes of the time. During post-war years it was seen as an opportunity for political emphasis on restoring jobs to those who sacrificed their time in the armed services, and also to refocus our nation on the matters at hand. During major recessions or the Great Depression it was seen as an opportunity to restore faith in the national unified effort to achieve great things by putting the work force to task, and recognizing how vital they are and were to our way of life. Without a free market economy, and the capitalism that produces the very things we enjoy by virtue of our economic freedoms, what you see today would not exist. Therein lies the problem.

I have been concerned in recent years. The nation's focus has more been a lack of focus than a precise aim at achieving greatness and preserving freedoms. We see endless hours of news coverage regarding things like O.J. Simpson, or Britney Spears, or Casey Anthony, or God help me Lindsay Lohan. When a nation becomes so distracted from its true purpose that it lacks the national will to avoid complacency, it begins to stagnate. When that happens, the will of the people, which used to focus it's political will toward a common goal, strays.

I am not saying hope doesn't exist. We have been here before. In tough economic times, Americans look to lighter matters sometimes to keep from becoming downright miserable. Sometimes that is what allows us to tread each step one at a time until we pull the wagon out of the mud. Laughter is after all, the best medicine. That said, what seems to be more serious in this era is our lack of drive to focus our political leaders. What is a politician after all? Their true purpose was our own design. To speak for and represent the citizens. How often do you even hear the word citizen now? How often do the politicians we see on television actually respect and fear the will of the people? Sadly those moments are far and few between. In some ways we have lost our way, our true purpose in this world.

In some of the darkest moments in world history, our nation, our people stood to turn the tides when it was important to do so. Think about this: How would World War II have gone if nearly every single citizen of the nation had not been engaged in producing and manufacturing tanks, airplanes, jeeps, trucks, ships to move us through Europe and the Pacific? That generation was our last to truly understand. Back then if you asked them, it was their "DUTY" to do these things and they accepted these measures with humble ascertitude. It was more a matter of honor.

One thing that I think truly restored us, one of the true measures of our will that was proven right after the Great Depression were the public projects undertaken. Instead of printing off more and more currency to line the pockets of the lobbyists and bankers, who now use the guise of "QE1" and "QE2" to save our economy, our leaders in those years actually used the money to FUND LABOR PROJECTS. Dams, Bridges, National Parks, National Forests, Trails, Roads, were all projects undertaken by measures we had never before seen. We introduced the Civilian Conservation Corps. The CCC was VITAL to our country's restoration during a tough economic period. Without them nearly every major historical landmark, or public project we inherited from that period would not exist. All of which we seem to have forgotten.

So my challenge to our leaders is this: Stop spending the life's blood of our economy, our currency, on the banks. Stop giving it to failed corporations. Give it to those without jobs and fund another version of the CCC or a federally funded version of it. Give back the power and hope to the citizens of this nation. We haven't failed you before, and we won't this time. On that same token, remember also who runs this Country. Political Leaders are elected. Even without a fair and balanced electoral system, politicians seem to have forgotten what happens when they stray from their intended purpose and disregard the will of the people. I see us approaching a critical moment in our history. Let us not go down the path of ancient Rome.


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