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  4. On 2nd thought, it was not Twitter who turned down the BO offer. I almost completely forgot about this: Dorsey and Noto get a pass. I'll continue to watch, but the stock did have a death cross occur recently which usually signals more trouble ahead. However, the Dorsey share buy may have put a floor in the stock for now.
  5. Just saw this Cramer interview with Noto: Hearing this and based on Dorsey's big share purchase, I have to say my BO prediction is now off the table. Turned down $29 from Salesforce. Idiots.
  6. The Single Member LLC: Disregarded Entities Explained Wow, what an end to the NFL season! This Super Bowl was probably the most exciting one I have watched in...
  7. Typical results for Twitter although I thought MAU was better than expected. Company does not succeed as long as Jack is in charge. Expect BO and Dorsey removal chatter to heat up. See how low they take it before the buy the rumor starts. Close is important today.
  8. Getting Prepared For Tax Season
  9. Wow ! Can't believe you guys still exist !
  10. Earnings on Thursday as the run up begins. Good call activity on the March 20 strike today. Could be a sign of things to come, but caution is always warranted in a volatile stock like this. I'm hoping for some clarity on Dorsey getting his walking papers. Company will be capped as long as his arrogance continues to fuel his belief that he can run two companies at once. If they deny a buyout on the call, I expect the stock to tank. I don't expect this as I think the BO comes shortly ( 1 -2 months) after they report.
  11. We are all searching for info gg. Not much here anymore. I think there is still a 50 50 chance Mannkind comes out of this okay. But it will take time.
  12. Sad days. I hope their new sales strategy has some success soon. MannKind Announces Plans For Reverse Split I feel somewhat like a traitor for referring to an article written by Spencer.
  13. Don't look now, but Twitter back over the 200 day and trying for the 50 day on the daily. Close over this would be extremely bullish setting up a run for 18+.
  14. Steiny. I should have worded the post differently. It wasn't the sale that concerned me, but accepting 30% less than the original asking price seems a little desperate.
  15. GG - they said they were going to sell the Valencia location awhile ago in a CC to raise cash. Still not confident with this stock/company but this doesn't change much for me.
  16. MNKD sold its Valencia California HQ and manufacturing plant for 17.7 mil. This is appprox 30% less than the 25 mil they were asking. They were either asking too much originally or they are desperate for cash. If I were still in this stock, I'd be very worried right now.
  17. Your Business's 2017 New Years Resolution
  18. Robinhood has this new earnings feature, which is only on a few tickers, SYN being one of them, must be a hot stock! Golly! We retailers love ones like this I suppose! We got earnings coming up. Any guesses before and after. This beginning of the year hasn't had its usual green power, maybe it will kick in after earnings. Random guess, but we may have some more red, and then possibly some green after earnings. I'd rather just see green please!
  19. Cool, I'll have to look at that trend line again. Yeah, you got a good approach there. The day that news was released from SYN the price went up After Hours to .93! ( I recollect being excited and thinking this emotion can't be good!) But looks like Market Makers swooped in to crush it?! Went back down .83 We had some green for today. My guess is we're trailing now to that tiny gap at .78, if I could short SYN I would till that .78, but none of the brokers I use allow for it. It could be risky. I got to step it up to better broker, but I need to improve my trading! Working on it! I also got to learn more about after hour trading, which apparently Robinhood can do.
  20. GILD acting as expected and should be avoided until further notice. If I were going to buy and I'm not, I'd target 60 - 65.
  21. Still following a weak chart, but RSI shows potential bottom here. Watching 50 and 200 longer term. Could get ugly before it gets better. I'm stil sticking with my call of Dorsey removal and buyout which will move this higher.
  23. 6 Key Steps to Creating a Budget Happy New Year! Can you believe 2016 is over? If you are a Philly sports fan like myself, you were probably already looking forward to 2017 a few months ago. Here are my quick thoughts on each team....
  24. been following syn awhile now and have seen multiple times news was announced in pm amd new highs hit and stock never reaches them during trading hours but eventually it gets there, could take days/weeks. on my chart i have a downsloping trendline from 4.32. on the day of the news 1.20 +/- was the trendline top. i still have fibs pointing to .64 area, but may never get there. im personally waiting for that to buy or if we close over .90 i may buy also. the .70s/.80 seem to offer support like the 1.60s/1.70 did a few months back. only difference is news came out so hopefully we can start moving up soon. this stock is very unpredictable and usually has a big downspike in one day to end all the madness. just hoping im wrong and we take off soon....
  25. Example of Exhaustion gap. So far looks like SYN went down. But next trading day is a new trading day, so we'll see what happens.
  26. Thanks Steiny, I seen a video on youtube about a day trader who looks at it in the morning and uses it to gauge the days moves. As it can trade opposite of that direction. But its hard to say, and nothing definitive like you suggested. I certainly don't have enough experience to say. Just going to have to watch sometimes and look for stuff. It might help the shorter term somehow. SYN was at 1.20 pre-market briefly that recent high, would of been nice to sell to that! I got to keep learning about actually being able to trade then, might help in swing trades if they're done right.
  27. Raspy, PM and AH trading doesn't count in charting. I don't have any backup on that but that's what I've learned from various reputable sources.
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