Here are the general forum rules:
1. No personal attacks of any kind against either forum members or site administrators / moderators.
2. No profanity
3. No graphic or verbal profanity
4. No use of this site to harass or threaten another member
5. No use of this site to market a product of any kind without express prior approval
6. The KOAT Staff reserves the right to ban any member regardless of rank who violates these rules.
7. These rules are subject to change and we reserve the right to add conditions pending future problems within the site.
8. No use of this site to express a political agenda
9. All forum moderators or administrators reserve the right to move any posts within the site as needed to the appropriate forums based on topical focus.
10. Any moderators guilty of violating any of the above will also be subject to removal.
11. No Trolling.(Standard Forum definition applies)
12. No Flaming.
13. No Spam - ie posting advertising for another company on this website for marketing purposes.
14. No challenging of moderator or administrator authority. This website is moderated by volunteers and people who have earned our respect. Please let them moderate as they need to maintain this community for the enjoyment of all.

Violations of any of the above will result in - but will not be limited to:
1. A posted or verbal warning - either via text by email/post/PM
2. revokation of posting permissions - users will be be moved into the disciiplinary timeout group and able to read but not post.
3. Repeated violations will then result in assignment of a probationary period - the first step prior to ban.
4. Upon reaching phase 4 - a user will be banned for one week from the site.
5. Upon reaching phase 5 and refusal to abide by these rules will result in permanent banning and removal of a user's profile and posts - regardless of seniority.