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    • 1.51 gap filled, next gap is 1.07... never with this stock, it could fill before going back up. i'm still waiting for that crazy down 10-15% day and recover to signal the end of this.  like irish said, low volume takedown is b.s., news is coming when you least expect it (real news I mean) and then up we go IMO.  just can't time it, also all biotechs getting hammered isn't helping.  my guess is this is happen b/c pricing in a Hillary win and we know she is going to fight drug prices so sell off before election news and then back up after election is over?  that's what i'm thinking as of now.
    • I disagree Irish. Remember Riley's "We have investor's with deep pockets." line all those eons ago. Where are they? Nowhere to be found because they never existed. Another lie by the goofball in charge. This is another MNKD waiting to happen. Sure you might get a pop on some bogus headline, but long term you will end up getting screwed.
    • A couple observations here on SYN..The companysaid it would release interim results on the phase 2b trials in 2nd half of 2016 9 months ago,but then extended it out several times as they kept increasing the number of patients and relative goals for the trial,then said it would happen 1Q 2017 with also another probability of interim results in 4Q 2016,i guessed October for this, well here it is October 19th and I know for sure they have top-line results on about 275 people based on their enrollment numbers reported and 6-8 week time line on trial length,hence will we get the interim results(which have done nothing for sp) on their previous history of doing so..   We have all seen how MM's do this to co.s waiting on news,low vol takedowns which mean nothing and frustrate the daily watchers of any stock.. We will always see new low before news hits imo and then all bets off,you can't time it,just stay patient and hold if still have shares and if want to buy,make a price call and stick to it,who cares if it goes down further after you buy,at this price under 1.75 is a steal long term imo..
    • first post on new forum I'm still in mnkd. did not sell wen I had the chance, some info on the pro boards but not much going on.  Bankruptcy is probable. Still in syn waiting Still have SIRI its the only shining star bought Valvoline and it is stuck below ipo Gild sucks too, down 20% good luck    
    • i agree chart not looking good, next gap at 1.51 then some support in the 1.30s.  i am targeting there and the LT trendline from.03 low back awhile ago.  news coming by q1 next year so just need to stay patient which sucks right now.
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