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  1. Don't know what they are planning...but there are lots of opportunities out there. There are even opportunities to consolidate the infotainment who knows.
  2. The mainreason I like this particular play as my choice for the digital coin space is it is more secure in that it is a Gold investment first..with digitalcoin mining rights attached to each gold the digital coin is icing on the proverbial cake if you will. This Ilcoin is also not being rushed out there with anyone and everyone buying andselling its value is going up incrementally....andas I said....its currently not trading publicly..but within the ownershipbase its trading at almost 60 cents, The Gold portion speaks for itself....youcan never go wrong with Gold.Buy it it down...and avgd in you will make money! This is physicalGold againby the way..which you can have shipped directly to you if you like! Again..if you choose to have it shipped to you...I recommend 1 ounce increments to avoid excess taxation!
  3. Here is a good presentation on Ilgamos that shows you what it is andthebenefits of joining thenew Digital Currency revolutionalong with purchasing your Gold in a cost average basis. As I said, you can have your gold shopped to you whenever you choose. You can join here: Ilgamos-overview-July-12-update.pdf
  4. I'm sure the lawyers will do VERY well!
  5. Hey all, After a couple years of research and vetting of opportunities, I have found something that is very much worth sharing. It can be used for your personal retirementor as a business opportunity.....either way you will win over time. This is not get rich is very much like a DRIP (Dividend Re investment Program) only with physical gold and ilcoin..which is the newer and more improved digital coin currency. With every gold pack you get you also get ilcoin mining rights> This is cash money..ilcoin is still in early stages and is worth approximately .58 cents per right today ...if it goes as well as we could make a real windfall either personally or as a business venture or as a combination. there are multiple packs of gold available wich come with associated mining rights based on size of the pack you purchase. I would not come back and post this to just tthrow something up...I have many here know..proven myself to be a person who fights for truth and will always try to give good info with any situation. I have not been as excited about any situation since Sirius Xm was going down to .05 cents and I was recommending buy in and cost avg for the run back up. THe same mentality applies to this situation.....if Bitcoin went to 1200 dollars....and this is much stronger because of how it is structured and incrementally increasing....think of the possibilities...I mean even if Ilcoin goes to 5 bucks from its current.58 cents....and that's almost a slam dunk....imagine what kind of financial future you could have...and the risk is as minimal as possible...I would venture to say there isno risk..since you are investing in PHYSICAL cold with each Pack....GOld you can accumulate and have shipped to you via mail when you desire... its a real opportunity for those looking for solid steady growth with almost zero downside risk.. attached is the link to my site...feel free to check it out..and if you have any questions.....don't hesitate to ask. Message me or give me a call at 910 574 4377.
  6. Nice will make a nice profit off those shares. If anything...look for lower before you see higher in the near term.....and add more if you can.
  7. I agree with the M&A thoughts......but I don't believe ANY company would acquire BP. I see BP looking for an over performing or an asset that is currently not performing to full potential and can be brought to full potential fairly quickly to help recapture some of the loss it endured over the past few years in the gulf disaster
  8. Looks like a wild ride still coming in the short term, May se below 5 yet again that point I would jump all over the stock....butat these levels you will still make VERY good money when the big move comes as the product becomes more widely available and its benefits become more well known.
  9. Latest Update: King of All Trades Target Price Valuation (Apr 2015 to Sept 2015 (6) months) for Sirius XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) Prepared by: Andrew Montero on Apr 15th 2015 KOAT is assuming a $4.60 6 month price target on Sirius XM satellite radio. The $ 4.60 target takes into account the $9.99 base subscription price for the Mostly Music packages as well as the $14.99 Select package. Management continues to provide solid guidance on churn as well as consistent marginally decreasing SAC for several of the last few quarters. Our $ 4.60 price target is maintained based on current subscription pricing without any effect on our “slightly above consensus” rate of sub growth projections for the Company. We agree with minimal impact to churn at this point moving forward. Assuming our Base Case scenario (no change in monthly subscription prices of( $9.99 and $14.99),we value Sirius XM currently at approximately $ 4.60 per share with continuing increases in automobile sector year over year and a final auto production rate for 2015 over 17.5 million units. With continued share repurchases and improved credit profile we value Sirius XM at approximately $ 4.60 per share in 6 months based on continuing increase in OEM subscriber growth, continuing traction in online listeners, share repurchase implementation, marginally increasing FCF and EBITDA guidance. •Base Case – Evaluated on company price in 2015; of $9.99 and $14.99 per month for the two lower tier prices and a maximum ARPU of $12.70 (achieved by 2016) with associated increases in FCF, EBITDA subscriber base targets and revenue as recent Quarter suggests. •Scenario 2- Based on share repurchases by Liberty Media and, improving EBITDA, FCF, revenue and subscriber numbers, even with limited uptick in churn still possible( 2% - 2.2%) we see no impact of subscription price affecting the equity, and project a share price of $ 4.60- $4.75 in the 8 to 14 month window. OEM production rate would likely need to continue incremental increase to over 17.5-18 million units for 2015-2016 timeframe. Skepticism based on lower self-pay numbers and reduced new vehicle conversion rate may somewhat taint short term outlook but will be overcome by Q3 if model continues sustained improvement and subscriber adds. •Scenario3- Based on the above as well as expansion to markets outside the United States and Canada in the short term as a possibility, we see a potential for an equity value in the 6 to 8 dollar range should penetration occur relatively soon in new markets overseas (internet, wireless radio) and saturation in OEM auto channels overseas. Some mild initial erosion of equity price may occur prior to realization of viability in overseas markets due to increased expense necessitated by overseas launch. Satellite performance gains, traction and spectrum continue to be leveraged for possible expansion of services provided the economy (particularly the auto sector) continues to stabilize and improve. We believe Sirius XM Holdings has and will continue to successfully grow through moderate subscription price increases in the long-term without disrupting the current level of subscriber additions, and that recent impact of incrementally increased royalties will not hinder the company’s strong performance. We maintain a hold (outperform) recommendation on the equity as it currently represents a substantial part of the Liberty portfolio and heavily impacts future and current Liberty transactions and plans. We see increasing potential upside for Sirius XM Holdings shareholders over the next several quarters. We continue to believe Sirius XM Holdings has some price flexibility before best case unit growth would begin to be materially impacted. Given that, we see the situation creates a share value estimate that is above current market views. Forward impacts include, increasing subscribers, expansion outside US markets and continued streamline of operational costs as well as minimal impact from debt leverage ratios based on cash flow. We continue to believe that the risk/reward is favorably weighted towards Sirius XM Holdings common stock. Some Important Metrics: 2014 2013 2012 ARPU (1) $ 12.38 $ 12.23 $ 12.00 SAC, per installation (1) $ 34 $ 43 $ 47 Customer service and billing expenses, per average subscriber (1) $ 1.07 $ 1.06 $ 1.07 Free cash flow (1) $ 1,155,776 $ 927,496 $ 709,446 Adjusted EBITDA (1) $ 1,467,775 $ 1,166,140 $ 920,343 2014 2013 (1) 2012 (2) 2011 2010 (in thousands, except per share data) Statements of Comprehensive Income Data: Total revenue $ 4,181,095 $ 3,799,095 $ 3,402,040 $ 3,014,524 $ 2,816,992 Net income $ 493,241 $ 377,215 $ 3,472,702 $ 426,961 $ 43,055 Net income per share – basic $ 0.09 $ 0.06 $ 0.55 $ 0.07 $ 0.01 Net income per share – diluted $ 0.08 $ 0.06 $ 0.51 $ 0.07 $ 0.01 Weighted average common shares outstanding – basic 5,788,944 6,227,646 4,209,073 3,744,606 3,693,259 Weighted average common shares outstanding – diluted 5,862,020 6,384,791 6,873,786 6,500,822 6,391,071 Cash dividends per share $ — $ — $ 0.05 $ — $ — Balance Sheet Data: Cash and cash equivalents $ 147,724 $ 134,805 $ 520,945 $ 773,990 $ 586,691 Restricted investments $ 5,922 $ 5,718 $ 3,999 $ 3,973 $ 3,396 Total assets $ 8,375,509 $ 8,844,780 $ 9,054,843 $ 7,495,996 $ 7,383,086 Long-term debt, net of current portion $ 4,493,863 $ 3,093,821 $ 2,430,986 $ 3,012,351 $ 3,021,763 Stockholders' equity $ 1,309,837 $ 2,745,742 $ 4,039,565 $ 704,145 $ 207,636 —————— 2014 2013 2012 Self-pay subscribers 22,522,638 21,081,817 19,570,274 Paid promotional subscribers 4,788,449 4,477,493 4,330,062 Ending subscribers 27,311,087 25,559,310 23,900,336 Self-pay subscribers 1,440,821 1,511,543 1,661,532 Paid promotional subscribers 310,956 147,431 345,980 Net additions 1,751,777 1,658,974 2,007,512 Daily weighted average number of subscribers 26,283,785 24,886,300 22,794,170 Average self-pay monthly churn 1.9 % 1.8 % 1.9 % New vehicle consumer conversion rate 41 % 44 % 45 %
  10. Well folks...true to form as I have to be my own man.....I am looking for a new opportunity. I am not the type who can sit back and take abuse or BS from bullies or idiots and there seems to be a glut of those types out there. I hope you folks who still hold Sirius XM have been strong in your conviction.....lord knows its been a stock which has been gamed all through its existence.....including the current day situation as it is still among the most shorted stocks on NASDAQ. There are Hedge Funds, Banks and wealthy investors using Sirius XM as an ATM.....we have all seen it from the BK days to now....nothing has really changed except the fundamentals and the subscribers have prevented real slime balls from destroying a great company. The Newer majority owners have not exactly had the best interests of minority shareholders in their hearts either. I know some believe that Liberty is well intentioned.....I used to until they pulled those low ball purchase and sale agreements to screw the average shareholder. They fattened the very coffers that tried to drive the company into BK in a few cases...but hey...all is fair apparently in Wall Street finance and Government regulation! If anyone has a high speed computer or algorithm they would like to test let me know....I'm all in at this point.....if you can't change em from the outside...maybe I can hurt em from the inside.
  11. I'm thinking about future use....and also the fact that Spectrum value has gone up considerably. New uses for spectrum are in development, and current uses are increasing.....time to start looking for M&A speculation and see who the real players are..
  12. I think we need to keep an eye on SIRI and DISH.....times are going to be changing real fast prepared.
  13. Radio Wars part relevant now as ever in our history......
  14. Hello all. Been staying away since I fell into the abyss of unemployment again in August and am still trying to climb out. Trying to stay positive and keep my mind from those dark corners we sometimes find ourselves in. I want to say I wish you all a Happy New Year and to take care of each other. Family and friends are all that really matters. The rest is just @#&#036;% created to control us all in some form or fashion. Anyway, I hope you are all doing well, and those of you who are not.....I am praying for you too every day and hoping the sun begins shining its warmth on you. If anyone does connect with COS please tell him I think of him often and wish him the best, he has always had my prayers and best wishes.
  15. Lol.....I miss you guys you are all seriously nuts.....just been looking for job. I may just wind up calling it a day and retiring, but that isn't what I really want to do at 50. Id like to work till I am at least 67......God has a plan...Ill find out what it is soon enough.