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  1. Please consider this my real retirement and know I really enjoyed the info and battles we all shared here ,hopefully I will be around here next week and just check in,,But TY to all and GL in your investor endeavors,,i am in end stages hospice for lung cancer right now,was diagnosed august 2012,,so got over 4 years from this bastard of a decease... god bless to all TY IRISH
  2. Dear Koat friends and coleagues,due to some healt issues I have had over last 4 years,i'm sad to say I can not post or cover anything anymore here a,
  3. I believe at the time I refferrenced this,it was around 78k for 10th,but I was saying I would rank #10 if I was an inst!!! I've never had more than 80k shares...
  4. yes,it's normal during a discounted offering to stabilize it,'s all over now,,lets see how Monday vol looks like...nice 6% inst buy in and all 25 mil went,,liquidity now,your floor is .85 now and with warrants,1.72ish is closest price target now,,if we hit that its breakout should be to new highs over 4.30ish mounil news its next year,expected,but always syn 10 news on partner also..they have money they said to start phase 3's in 1Q now also..moving forward..
  5. The main thing you want in a co. like syn,is the science to be great,i think it is..and to have a separate business main as ceo who knows how to financial engineer the drugs to market to maximize the sp..meaning if can have low to reasonable debt..he has none in phase 3 area,unheard of..Riley's job is to promote the timeline on the news to maximize it,but the scientist's job is to maimize the results to guarantee approval by FDA,,they don't always coincide...
  6. Great points Rel,and why I invested in SYN,,it is a new method of treatment,the microgutbiome..there are a few other co. heavily into this field so far..i like the drugs Syn has better and the fact it's not a drug or symptom based therapy but a prevention cure type area.. Thank god Riley is not like Mel,i never was a trust in mel knuckle head,hestole from Siri on merger and after,he bk'd them unmercilessly,,tg for Malone,why i made money.. I don't even think about sxm anymore,well I do,once run finally to maybe 5in years..companies like syun get boght ot,they aren't see through ones,,they are scientist who like to discover things to better off society,some,not all,but also start these companes to have freedom to do it and make the money themselves..
  7. Short answeris yes,it;s inst and regulated..atm's are for discreet selling for cash for the co..just like us,don't know til q is up and does't effect sp daily too much..
  8. i'd say the street loves this,6 mil in vol today and mil last 3 hours of will probably go over and use those extra 3.7 mil option to broker with 7.5 mil in warrants another 10 mil shares..imo
  9. The warrants are an option with conditions attached to the 25 mil share offering..SYN gets no money from 5the options until excersized,obviously at least at price of warrant..why I like warrants best,,they will take it up to at least those sp's soon...but doesn't really matter,news is coming 1Q on phase 2 results,everything will get taken care of then..imo
  10. yes,when it closes on Friday,they will say who how many shares taken and how many warrants taken,,series A warrants expire in 4 years and series b warrants expire on dec 2017..they can excersize those warrants anytime afterbought..
  11. Hughes,no one has lost any money here,if they got in with a plan...only those who bought high 3-4's and sold lower did..the traders is all..this is why you always invest with a set plan on your buys and sells and be fluid and stick to it,,not exact sp moves,but based on eventual news and outcome of such news..imo This is bio investing rules,not amazon or apple strategy rules..real is not for everyone to play,but risk/reward is outstanding if you put risk education and value potential to the max on your side..d
  12. remember,this is inst investors,they will take it up,opens up 75 mil more shares in float...taking it to 165ish mil float now...not bad at all...imo..u
  13. Perfect,best news possible,no debt or short debt shares,converts.........this makes possible phase 3's start earlier now..
  14. nice Eagles21,,sold at 1.39 and you can rebuy here at under a buck maybe..39% more shares,,,Rel would kill for that trade..LOL so would I...
  15. judging by action in AH and now Pre,1.00 it is...633k vol so far today..If your not in yet,Load up now...imo....