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  1. bought back today. u guys are screwed, lol
  2. right, that's why I'm saying the only thing significant is who is this flowers guy and is he the last of Mel's crew? regardless I still want to be a non employee director someday.
  3. irish you got your 10% correction last time around. how much do you think this time? markets looking over bought fir past few weeks but looks like they're giving in, imo. maybe just a little off the top before blasting higher? or start of something bigger?
  4. are there any of the original sirius xm bunch left? that would be significant, imo sos. nice 120k per year paid up front as a non employee. gotta get myself one of these gigs someday.
  5. Canadians rule!
  6. out for now. GLTA
  7. scratch that last post on RAD. numbers are different today, not sure what I was looking at. Will post if I find it.
  8. been watching off and on RAD myself. looked at the stats on Yahoo yesterday after you posted, gg. is that right, there's like 98 % institution, 9 % insiders, and 23 % short interest? bizarro world? or do these numbers actually add up?
  9. is this normal for mnkd? they release the numbers before market open but have the cc after market close? I sold Friday anyway at 6.17. just holding some calls out to Jan. figured what could possibly come of earnings? all the news is out right?
  10. Thanks for keeping the thread going sos. I've been in Canadian Satellite Radio in my long term account. They've been paying some nice dividends, but today the stock took a shellacking on earnings. down 20% - filled a gap from Nov 2012. Meanwhile, siri has a gap up - go figure. I picked up a little more, seems like a good long term thing and it's bouncing decent so far. Only thing is I'm not sure how much control the US counterpart (siri) has over the Canadian entity. I think they own 50% or something, but I'm not one to get caught up in the details. I may have to dig into the filings for a change. lol.
  11. who will be the first to say waiting for below 5 was a good call? today's your chance.
  12. was thinking the same thing. with his 61.8 retrace holding and no trading under 6 guarantees. he called the third strike on koat before the pitch even crossed the plate based on your 3.80 call. then didn't stick around long enough to see. if it hits that target, it'll be three strikes on BIO.
  13. sorry for confusing you. was talking mains, should have been clear. when was the last time we had a normal correction irish? when 90% of stocks are down multiple days in a row, I call that bloodshed.
  14. carnac holds letter to head... opens letter and says...