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  1. Well my personal .64 target was hit and overshot it to $0.59. Also, this is a partial fill of the .54 - .62 gap from November 2011. Not happy about it, but hopefully this is the bottom... only time will tell. Now, we just have to wait for Ribaxamase full results and partner news....
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  9. GG - they said they were going to sell the Valencia location awhile ago in a CC to raise cash. Still not confident with this stock/company but this doesn't change much for me.
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  13. been following syn awhile now and have seen multiple times news was announced in pm amd new highs hit and stock never reaches them during trading hours but eventually it gets there, could take days/weeks. on my chart i have a downsloping trendline from 4.32. on the day of the news 1.20 +/- was the trendline top. i still have fibs pointing to .64 area, but may never get there. im personally waiting for that to buy or if we close over .90 i may buy also. the .70s/.80 seem to offer support like the 1.60s/1.70 did a few months back. only difference is news came out so hopefully we can start moving up soon. this stock is very unpredictable and usually has a big downspike in one day to end all the madness. just hoping im wrong and we take off soon....
  14. Raspy, PM and AH trading doesn't count in charting. I don't have any backup on that but that's what I've learned from various reputable sources.
  15. actually we still have short term gaps at $0.76 to $0.79 from earlier this week plus the one i posted above.