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  1. Hi Rick,

    I am so excited that is back up! I have checked back over the years, but there was no activity. Anyway, I am happy to be back and am excited to be in contact with you!! 


    1. Rick


      Thank you Lacie.  It is great to see you back here.  Please stay in touch.

  2. Hi Relmor,

    So sorry, I have not responded till now. I have been crazy busy at work and have not had much free time! I was so excited that you all are back online. As I told you in my brief post, over the years I have gone to to see if anyone was around but there was nothing going on.

    Anyway, I wanted to touch base with you ~ right now I have to turn in. I have to be up at 3:45am for work! Talk to you later! Have a nice day!!



  3. I've spent the last hour on the site ~ checking out members, forums, the chat room (empty), articles, forums, etc! Very nice to be back! It was so nice to see Rick, Johnny Irish, ASM, Sheree and all of the other members names! Wow! So happy that I was on Seeking Alpha this morning and clicked on kingofalltrades and was taken here. I really thought that you closed up shop!!
  4. Relmor, So good to see you! Wow, I finally found you all again. I've searched over the years with no luck! ~Lacie
  5. Thanks for your excellent posts. Your market and siri analysis make it so much less stressful to be an investor/trader! I loved the comment about your sisters and siri's bottom!
  6. Thanks for your indepth analysis, asm. I like and agree with your forward numbers
  7. Rel, Good advice, Rel ~ I will watch it as well. I found it at
  8. Rel, You are amazing! I love your charts, analysis, trading expertise and commitment to KOAT and KOAT's followers! Great Job, as always
  9. Hi Rel, Here is an article in sa which includes zaap. Tell me what you think if you have time. I read the authors profile and he is sa certified. He seems to know what he is talking about. Article dated 3/2/11 Thanks in advance for your opinion! Lacie
  10. Thanks so much for your analysis. I appreciate all of your hard work. You are the King! Can't wait to get back in and watch it go up . .up . . up . . I hope you are enjoying your weekend!! Lacie
  11. Thanks for responding so quickly ~ I appreciate your thoughts. Very helpful! See you back in chat!
  12. Hi Rel, As usual, excellent continued analysis! I was looking for your response to MM's entry regarding your opinion that "under the Elliott Wave theory that SIRIXM will be moving into a lengthy "correction wave" or retrace in 2011 that could last anywhere from 6 - 12 months". Your thoughts, please! Lacie P.S. I hope you don't mind, but I think that I will forget to change my avatar for a while! It just looks so good!
  13. I'm getting confused. I saw that you are posting your 3 suggested buy backs. Are you then saying that siri will go to a new high before a massive retrace. The high being around 1.75. We are currently trading @ 1.36. Are you thinking that the massive retrace be a lot lower than 1.36?
  14. Just read this in Seeking Alpha Breaking News 10:23 AM Blockbuster (BLOKA.PK) is preparing a bankruptcy filing for mid-September, LA Times reports. The Chapter 11 period would be used to restructure nearly $1B in debt and to get out of leases on 500 or more of its U.S. movie rental outlets.
  15. Wow . . . Thanks for the info, Rel!