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  1. That last round of financing seemed a bit questionable to me. My last buy was at .90,which put me in for a substantial amount. I will admit, it has been a little tuff not to add more here to bring my average down.
  2. Well Steiny, that sounds like you may purchase more if .045 is retested. LOL.
  3. I'm tempted to buy more here,BUT, really worried about their finances at the moment.
  4. IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Steiny!
  5. We are all searching for info gg. Not much here anymore. I think there is still a 50 50 chance Mannkind comes out of this okay. But it will take time.
  6. In case you haven't seen this
  7. Thanks guys. Appreciate it.
  8. Any gaps left below that, that could fill?
  9. Thanks Rel
  10. Steiny........Where is Rel?????????
  11. May God be with you and your family Irish. Sure gonna miss your ideas and opinions sir.
  12. May the Lord be with me..........Picked up another 6000 @ .90, for a grand total of 36,000 shares at an average of 1.63.
  13. Turns out, it was worth a LOT!
  14. Appreciate your thoughts Irish.
  15. Hey Rel. What are your current thoughts on SYN here at $1.37? Are you still looking for a heavier volume down day? Thanks in advance.