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  1. Robinhood has this new earnings feature, which is only on a few tickers, SYN being one of them, must be a hot stock! Golly! We retailers love ones like this I suppose! We got earnings coming up. Any guesses before and after. This beginning of the year hasn't had its usual green power, maybe it will kick in after earnings. Random guess, but we may have some more red, and then possibly some green after earnings. I'd rather just see green please!
  2. Cool, I'll have to look at that trend line again. Yeah, you got a good approach there. The day that news was released from SYN the price went up After Hours to .93! ( I recollect being excited and thinking this emotion can't be good!) But looks like Market Makers swooped in to crush it?! Went back down .83 We had some green for today. My guess is we're trailing now to that tiny gap at .78, if I could short SYN I would till that .78, but none of the brokers I use allow for it. It could be risky. I got to step it up to better broker, but I need to improve my trading! Working on it! I also got to learn more about after hour trading, which apparently Robinhood can do.
  3. Example of Exhaustion gap. So far looks like SYN went down. But next trading day is a new trading day, so we'll see what happens.
  4. Thanks Steiny, I seen a video on youtube about a day trader who looks at it in the morning and uses it to gauge the days moves. As it can trade opposite of that direction. But its hard to say, and nothing definitive like you suggested. I certainly don't have enough experience to say. Just going to have to watch sometimes and look for stuff. It might help the shorter term somehow. SYN was at 1.20 pre-market briefly that recent high, would of been nice to sell to that! I got to keep learning about actually being able to trade then, might help in swing trades if they're done right.
  5. Do pre-market, and after-market prices affect a chart? Or should one stick to the actual day. I've tried to learn about it, but haven't found any good info.
  6. It's starting to look more like that run to 1.03 created an exhaustion gap. I thought more volume would be necessary, but apparently that large volume from that day was enough. I always think it's interesting how the price gets adjusted like that overnight. Some market maker types must be entering in several (buy to cover) orders early in the morning to create demand for a gap like that, because of the news released in those early morning minutes. Most desk traders must be familiar with things like that!? Well, it is what it is, just got to do the best around it all. I am just guessing about how some of these things work. Certainly man made. Kind of like guessing the illuminati, you don't know what they're doing but they're doing something!
  7. Twitter has had a buyout rumor for a while. I don't expect a buyout, but I suppose it's not out of the question. Just a year or two ago, it seemed like FB and TWTR would go similar paths. I sure didn't expect FB to goto the grand levels its at now. I never bought any FB and anyone would regret it now looking in the past. TWTR doesn't really seem like it'll get moving for a while. I would guess that overtime the stock price annihilation has left a lot of retail investor (people) holding the bag. I am a retail investor myself, but I'm trying to get away from that, and on the next level!
  8. Today was a bullish day for AAPL. The stock price appears to be chopping all around the last few months. Probably will cover all kinds of price ranges ahead.
  9. Breakout Gaps, Exhaustion Gaps, Runaway Gaps Apparently good to watch for a Volume increase. ( i was trying to post pics but looks like I'm out of memory or something.) Any insight on gap trading? From experience Looking at SYN the gap that recently filled from .88 to .99 could be an exhaustion gap?
  10. Above chart has the daily gaps. Gaps all over the place, above and below! Gaps often drive me wild, because its hard to say if they will fill! Worth watching though, I guess they have a magnetic effect they either push away or pull in price, and time is a factor. I keep thinking were going to go down to the one in the high .50's, but I'm probably wrong. 2017 has been starting green so far! We need it, dang!
  11. Whoops. Looks like I posted in the wrong spot. Looks like this is the new SYN 2017 forum, looks good.
  12. Wow, good insight there Rel. The Bio sector overall got annihilated in 2016 looking back now, but some bios hung in better then others. Makes it good for traders, and painful for longterm holders. Can someone with more seniority start a 2017 SYN thread. That would be awesome. TIA, Thanks in advance!
  13. USD/ EURO

    I was looking to post this in a forum in regard to Forex, which is something I wish I knew more about, because I feel it influences the overall markets, and I am only slowly learning about the subject. This article was really interesting, and it's a sign of the times to what may eventually be a market crash. The system is the same as it was before the housing crash. The market is just being blown back up. Since these currencies are traded and can be exchanged for one another, is that not a global currency essentially? If you got American $, your set anywhere you go for the most part. Everyone points to the US debt as a huge problem, and it sure is! But the dirtiest currency will fall first, and the European countries got it rough. They live in the shadow of the american dollar and get the short end of the stick. Watching the Euro will likely foretell the complete and bitter end of this astonishing Bull market, which might take a break and continue still for some years. Just and idea! 

  14. Bearish Perspective: I guess the stock price is always vulnerable to if the company has nothing going for it, or if something falls through. Any ideas on how long SYN can trade below 1.00 before needing to get a reverse split or delisted or something of that nature? Waiting for Phase 2b results and it seems like they are pushing things off. Which has unknown cognition. Knowing fundamentals in stocks is a weakness of mine, I prefer to stick to technicals. Even in the technicals sometimes I think I see a pattern, and it falls into the probability of failure! Long term we got some potential massive H&S that lead to low life penny stock status, which can be worrisome (emotion). Or I could just be wrong. MNKD did a big H&S too, but fundamentals there seem to back the movement more so.