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  1. Hi, I would like to invite all traders who are familiar with or interested in the Foreign Exchange Currency market to join me on Sunday. The Currency market closes down on friday and reopens on sunday like clock work. There is a particular trade that I like to place when the market opens on Sunday I call it the Sunday Open Session. This is a very high probability trade because placing this trade one can be successful much more often that not and this trade takes advantage of price action so you will not have to spend much time on the mechanics of this trade. I have studied the Currency market diligently since 2008 and I have learned plenty about what moves currencies,fundemental/technical analysis, risk/reward ratio, proper money management, trading psycology,and other areas of trading. Sincerely Ron RTG
  2. Hi, Relmor I can see that you that you posted on may 30th concerning my trading. I apologize for taking so long top reply to you at the same time I have been working on several projects simultaneously. Yes, I would very much enjoy working with a few other traders and showing them some of my trading strategies and as we work together implimenting these techniques we can profit and profit consistently as we di it as a group. So, Relmor let me know if you would like to see some of my trading arsenal in action OK? and let me know if you know of others who would be interested in the FX Market. RTG
  3. OK right now as I write this post it is 6:39PM eastern standard time here in NY. I have just closed my other 2 trades that I opened today. I am talking about the Aud/usd and the Nzd/USD. I closed both of these trades with a profit from where I entered these trades and that is the whole idea behind trading and the Sunday Open Session. Now in reality no one is ever successful in all of their trades, at the same time if I as a trader respect money management principals, and risk/reward ratios, I can protect myself if a trade does not go the way that I speculated. All in all I have been very satisfied with my results on Sunday as the market opens,like I mentioned before this trade is much more successful than it is not sucessful. I would have to go back very far to see a losing sunday session for me and if I could find one it will surely be in the beginning when I first started pursuing this trade, I mean mistakes that I made in the begining.(RTG)
  4. Right now its about 5:07 eastern standard time and the FX Curreency market opened up at 5:00PM eastern standard time I was at my trade station and I actually placed 3 trades the Usd/Chf which is the US Dollar and the Swiss franc the Aud/Usd the Austrailian Dollar and the Us Dollar and the Nzd/Usd the New Zealand Dollar and the US Dollar. As I am writing this post I just looked at another screen and I just closed out the US Dollar Swiss Franc for a profit. I will make another post soon to let you know how my other 2 trades turned out. I love the SOS because it helps me to gauge how the market is starting the trading week off. Again I will post the results of my 2 other trades. (RTG)
  5. Yes, today is sunday and this is the day to trade the SOS Sunday Open Session. One thing to keep in mind is that there is a preparation process for this trade and if you trade seven currency pairs like I usually do every sunday then the preparation time should take about 15 minutes,if you decide to add more pairs it could take a little longer or if you trade as a group it could wind up taking less time a little more on group trading in a bit. Now, it is very imperative to complete the preparation process for all of the currency pairs that you will be trading before the market opens. I usually complete the process on saturday and sometimes on sunday early, again before the market actually opens. Also, this trade could be done by an individual trader like I've stated before I trade seven pairs very comfortably however,if one trader wanted to increase his or her opportunities for profit on sundays' by preparing for and trading let's say more pairs, major pairs of course it would be better to trade as a group. Group trading the Sunday Open Session is a very good way to increase the success of every member of the group because this makes it easier for the group to trade a dozen or more pairs which could be very challenging for one trader to see and handle all of the activity as the market is just opening. An individual trader could do very well trading the SOS alone every sunday, at the same time with group trading the greater the activity the more eyes on the prize,the more the boat rocks the greater the haul of fish!
  6. I too have a great amount of respect for Veterans and Veterans day. Yes, a Veteran is someone who raised their hand to be sworn in to protect this country, and every veteran who is alive is one who could have been placed in a challenging situation anywhere in the world to the point where they could have died in the process.
  7. I agree with onion man, and at the same time there are several other indicators that real traders in the real world will utilize. It depends on what type of trader is trading and what underlying asset is being traded. Also, I look at technical indicators as putting up fences on a chart to read the activity of all the traders within that market. Keep in mind that trading is an art and not a science,and that the reason for the technical indicators are to give the trader a gauge to determine where he or she should get into the market and when to exit the market. The more indicators that point in the same direction gives an experienced trader the permission to (pull the trigger) Meaning to go ahead and place the trade.
  8. Every Sunday I like to be at my trading desk. For several reasons the main reason is because I very much enjoy trading the FX currency market and the Binary options market. Also, sunday is the day when FX market opens again since it closes on friday afternoons NY east coast time. I would like to know what other traders here think about the open of the FX market on sunday. I have been tweaking a particular strategy that I call the Sunday open session. When I adopted this trade and started applying it and demo testing it after several months I saw that this is a very high probability trade and I thought that I must bring it under my umbrella of trades. When the FX markets open I have discovered after back testing results, that this is a good way to get the week started on a profitable note because this strategy works well much more often than not. I have always looked at technical analysis when trading the FX and Binary options makets as a valid way to put fences and barriers around market activity to get a good picture of price action and market direction. On sunday's I trade my SOS with about 7 pairs usually they are Eur/Usd Gbp/Usd Aud/Usd Nzd/Usd Usd/Jpy Usd/Cad Usd/Chf these major pairs have always seemed to apply to the SOS for me. Now paying attention to S/R support and resistance levels/zones is a good way to see where price action for whatever reason continues to bounce off of, and of course we know that eventually S/R can change very quickly where support now becomes resistance and resistance becomes support, the SOS defies all of the normal Technical indicators. Again, I want to hear from Currency Market traders and I want to know if you have and are satisfied with your strategies for when the market opens on Sunday. Also,I want to know which currency pair(s) you are having the most success with, and why do you think you are having success with the pair(s) that you trade.