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  1. Even I have read about Chinese investors investing in US real estate, especially after the stock market crash. Seems like Chinese investors don't trust to invest in the chinese equities anymore! Don't know in what way its gonna affect the US. But, at least situation looks better than the one in china. US Economic Forecast 2016
  2. Last week, a source from Australia reported that the Netflix's increasing popularity has created problem in broadband pricing.
  3. I truly didn't find so.
  4. The stock seems quite overpriced. Currently it is trading at $651.62.
  5. Recently the stock closed at $84.20 showing fall of 0.85%. Looking at the track record, the stock price seems too unpredictable.
  6. Recently it was in news for it's big IPO launch and received an eye-popping response.
  7. The company well known for it's production of electronic cars has stepped into the business of solar energy. Recently, it received good response for it's solar panel battery business. In spite of tough competition, the company is doing well in it's new business and investors also seems like having confidence for investing in the company.
  8. E-commerce businesses has surged up these days and are performing outstanding. Currently the stock is being traded at $429.92 and showing fall of 0.70%.
  9. Yes, it’s true that rise in interest rates is not always bad but, if the interest rates turns up even more, it will become difficult for small scale businesses to borrow the money for their future enhancements or for personal funding like educational loan.