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Found 14 results

  1. Quick announcement - today as of 10:00 A.M. MST King of All Trades underwent a platform (software) version update to address current issues and resolve potential server side conflicts. If any member experiences any issues as a result of this upgrade please contact us through the support form. Thanks, Rick
  2. All, This weekend and for the next week, we will be upgrading the website. This will be a substantial upgrade behind the scenes and out in the open where you see it. Things being addressed: 1. New Payment Transaction Gateway 2. New Mobile device compatibility 3. New overall themes for every part of the website 4. Greater speed 5. Improved forum functionality 6. Security Improvements That is just the wavetop list. There is a good bit more on the technical side. Please be advised it will be a few days until all the glitches are worked out, Thanks, Rick
  3. Just like they say in hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy - don't panic. For those who are lost and seeking a compass direction to follow to the old posts: All member discussion - regardless of the membership level has been moved to the member forums. The effort is meant to simplify how the forums are organized. All Stock discussion is now where it belongs - in the stock forums - and those threads can be restricted by permission and specific moderators assigned to care for each. The overall thought is that we have had dust and echoes collecting in over half the website so we are going to flip the light switch on in the darkest corners as we reorganize. We know there will be some initial confusion - but in the end we are giving you less places to look by cutting 20% of the forums/subforums from the website to declutter. Think of it as 9 years of spring cleaning all at once. Thanks! Rick
  4. All, I know several of you will have questions about this so I will start things off. The subscription structures must change for to survive. Over the past several years the business side of has evolved a great bit. Part of the current partner agreement includes a necessary restructure of the subscriptions to ensure long term sustainment of operating expenses. As of this moment, we (the financial parties) have agreed to simplify our membership structure and review all current membership for compliance with the posted legal disclaimers, membership agreements, and remove any accounts that are duplicating our work elsewhere via search bots. All copyright data contained within this website is the sole property of King of All Trades LLC and its affiliate partners and is to remain within the bounds of our hosted website. This is in part to protect our franchise and also to ensure your information is protected from infringement. In short: There are many different membership groups. They will be condensed into a simpler structure. Costs will NOT go up. All Gold Members will be combined into one group (with the old Silver), and those who found a workaround to avoid paying to see our subscription content will be ejected from Gold. Please be patient as we restructure and we thank you for your patience. I'll throw a small easter egg into the air: We are in part going International. Rick
  5. All, As the years creep in on this website I wanted to give all of you a few updates on where things are headed. First - Our promise has been kept - koat will never go offline while I draw a breath. That said, I know there is room for improvement. Some of you remember the early days, the virtual wild west of the Sirius stock websites, pitting a few reasoned voices (Relmor, Andy, myself, others) against a determined short community. In the end we won by defying the odds. That defiance is what kept us together. But we are long past that. The markets evolve like a great beast threatening to swallow us whole. The economic landscape is different. I plan to shape to best meet emerging needs and satisfy the remaining community. One question that haunts me after all this time: What would bring back many of our older members that have since moved on? Better yet, what would better satisfy those of you who have survived the juggernaut of time and remained loyal? I am going to start holding regular community chat sessions. I also welcome your direct feedback via the private message system. In the absence of that feel free to send me your comments directly at: (typed phonetically to avoid bot overload) boss AT Thank you to those of you who have supported the continued hosting of this community. There is no way we could continue without you. (updates to follow soon.) Rick
  6. All, Thanks for your continued support to We have come a long way. I am going to take a few moments to throw a few notes down from the top. Website useability: we are coordinating with IPS (Invision Power Services) to improve our platform here. One of the delays has been due to the refinement of platform version 4.0 which was a traumatic emotional event for the IT Department at IPS. Once that has been implemented you will see major improvements to the functionality of Payment system: We continued reporting issues with the Paypal IPN (instant payment notification) system this year. Another team is looking into a complete replacement. In the new platform (4.0) many of these things will become seamlessly integrated and there will be less transaction issues. Team Management: Publishing has been dramatically altered since we first began KOAT. Some of you may remember way back when we syndicated to Google News and the broader web. The Sirius XM Stock site wars we endured impacted us significantly but we are nearing the point that will reverse. Once that occurs and our syndication is back online get ready for new members. Think SW back when I ran that and we grew fast. Web support/useability/organizing the forums: I am looking from within the KOAT family for an assistant to simply organize our forums. Simple things like pinning important things, promoting posts to articles, and managing the blog system here. If you are interested let me know. More to follow. My active duty time is nearing an end. Regardless I remain dedicated to ensuring KOAT survives from now to the end of time (and beyond). Rick
  7. For those who have been wondering - figured I would pop in and set the record straight. KOAT will continue on indefinitely. A few of you I spoke to personally already had that information. Here is what you did not know: we are taking the website back to what it was founded on. Finance Journalism. It will not happen overnight as many of my previous changes to koat. It will be phased in over the next couple years as I ease into retirement from the Army. Be aware that there will be substantial changes with respect to the website ruses and what behavior is permitted. It will all be explained by a full time paid moderation team. Thanks to those of you who have been faithful since we built the website so many months ago. I am starting the review process for my journalist team. Each will be contracted to provide the best investment insight we can. So for those naysayers out there you might be catching rumors from....ignore it. FYI I just reconfigured registration. Please feel free to invite your friends or family if they were having issues before the fix. Again - thanks and good luck with your investments. Rick
  8. All, Please show your support to Onionman as he begins jumping into publishing for the team here. His last article posted on our articles portal is here: I am sure he would appreciate your comments. Thanks, Rick
  9. Many months ago I started working on a way to give occasional discounted subscription rates here at KOAT. After many months of sorting out the system to support coupons, I am announcing our first ever Gold Membership Monthly Coupon Code. From now through February 14th, 2014, If you enter the code "RELMOR99" in the coupon entry when signing up for either a Monthly or Annual Gold Membership (look for "I have a coupon to use" on the bottom left of the confirm & pay page), you will receive a 25% discounted rate on your subscription. As we continue into another year we plan to offer many more great deals like this. Keep your eyes open for our next offering on unique KOAT Gifts in the Gift Shop around July. Thanks for your support, Rick
  10. How many of you pay attention to the statistics that display on KOAT? Just in case you haven't, we have officially crossed well over 50,000 posts! I'm pretty sure the KOAT crew had moments over the years where we never would have expected to make it this far. There are few words I can say to express our gratitude for your support. Here's to another 50,000 posts! Rick
  11. All, I have been thinking for a while about better ways to reach out to those people we all know who have not yet found their way to KOAT. What I have come up with is perhaps the single most efficient and agreeable way to grow while ensuring we bring folks onboard who truly match our interests and goals. Here is what I propose: I want to run a contest. Cash Prizes to keep it simple. You can request a KOAT T-Shirt or Mug if you want one as well with the Cash Prize. The overall intent is this: The members already participating at KOAT will receive a reward for bringing a specific number of new contributing posters/members to our website. They don't have to subscribe to Gold necessarily. We could even run 2 contests. 1 for the member who brings the most new Gold Subscribers over and 1 for the member who brings the most new members period. This is one of those posts I really want you all to consider. It is important as a group that we start expanding and bringing fresh opinions and experiences to KOAT. To make that happen I'm willing to reward the members who take the time to make that happen. Before you respond - think about what size recruitment effort we all can reasonably attain. Should we make the contest for the first to recruit 10 new members? 100? 20 Gold? Once we sort out the end facts for the contest - I will assign a cash prize. If we go the route of the Gold Memberships - and we set the amount to at least 15 new Gold Members - I will pay a minimum of 100 dollar cash prize. So if you want to earn some money for doing what you already do, sharing KOAT with your friends and colleagues, and helping us grow - please respond to this thread with serious feedback so I can discuss with the founding members. Thanks! Rick
  12. Source: Enlisting Your Help to Grow KOAT
  13. All, Hope you are all having a great morning. I am. Another quick thanks to all of you who have been renewing your subscriptions. Some may wonder why I make such a huge deal out of it, and I am going to take some time to explain. For those that have been around a while - some of this will be old news. For the new guys, consider it a lesson in how all this came to be. Back a few years - alot of us started out as a group of Sirius XM investors following the stock on either the Yahoo message boards, Seeking Alpha, or Sirius Buzz. Over time, we decided we got tired of how things were censored, managed, etc... and after much collaboration we came together at the old website (which no longer exists, the old owner let it expire and it got bought up). That was our first real adventure in this. It went well, and we had a great following, but as with alot of great things, it came to an end with what most of us call the "fracture period" - when Dominick/BM BM (same guy) and I had a falling out over management, and several of the old moderators later left also to form yet another website. That was the fracture - the creation of several websites and splitting of the original group of SIRI followers. When it all happened, and I decided I wasn't going to surrender without a fight, I converted this old domain of mine (used to be my handyman/remodeling business site) to host investor forums. It was a pure stroke of luck that we got it all to work. It was donations alone that built this site, and after a while that wasn't enough. Next phase in our history I like to call the "rapid growth period." We published, and Relmor and Andy were getting their articles out across the RSS feeds to publish everywhere, AOL, Google Finance, Benzinga, hell I think I remember Forbes in there, and quotes on the WSJ at one stage. All was grand, and then the next phase hit. I call it the full on Sirius Site War. During the war - most of that time I was actually deployed for real in the middle east. Somehow we managed to continue building, shifting to better servers, but this period also brought major fights, attempts to hack the website, slander/libel by other sites, denial of service attacks on our servers.... it was brutal. Some point in there, some of the other websites managed to somehow convince Google to stop publishing us. I am fairly certain at this stage I know which, but that is water under the bridge. We survived when no one thought we would. This past year, we have all seen many of the early investors fall to the wayside as they sold out and decided to cash in on their earnings. Many had invested when SIRI was in the sub-dollar range and seen crazy profits. Some literally financed their entire retirements. Some became millionaires. Some would say they did (on Yazoo) but were mostly fakes trying to convince folks the stock had finally topped out. They were wrong. Through the end of our long road to here - costs soared and the economy still struggles. The economic landscape has been brutal. As a website, we had to do a few things to survive. This was when I made the toughest choice I had to make, and we initiated the subscriptions here. I then somehow managed to cut costs by over 80 % and secure our domain registration for the next 20 years. Good, but very busy and difficult work to get here. This is what I now classify as our vindication year. Not only have we survived, we thrive (albeit a little different than we planned originally) and have the most loyal group of SIRI investors anywhere on the web. We absolutely could not have done this without you. And along with that - I could not have done any of this without Relmor and Andy. So for this point forward - in recognition of their work at KOAT - every single donation you make on the donation form on the right side of the forums goes directly to paying Relmor and Andy in recognition for their hard work. Effective immediately. Again thanks. Rick
  14. All, Now that we've been successfully migrated to KOAT 3.0 for a while - I would like your feedback about this new website. We have endured a few growing pains over the years, and although they were painful, they all led us to this current social networking version of KOAT. Your feedback is extremely important to me, as well as the entire staff here at KOAT. Let us know what you think. No holds barred. This community was built on your suggestions & feedback during previous iterations of the community and will be guided by your current and future comments. Thanks as always for your support, Rick