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Rick Founder and Team Welcome Letter

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Current, Future, or Past Members of,

If you have come here tired, weary, or worn from countless hours spent on message boards elsewhere then you have entered the right website.

Why? You ask?

This website, and it's core founding members established this haven as a beacon of light in the darkness. Nonsense you say? Consider this: 75% or more of the mainstream media coverage of nearly any major corporate stock is biased, or in the very least directed to elicit a desired market reaction. Don't believe me? Ask any member here to point you to video footage of a certain very well known Investment Media figure who admits it himself on camera (it's called fomenting the markets).

Stock brokers spend a great deal of time looking for ways to gain a desired investment result. Influencing markets is what they do. In a world full of sharks, our mascot is a lion for a very good reason. "Evoke Verum Per Redarguo Quod Ferocia" translates directly to "Pronounce the truth with Fierce Conviction." We believe you want the truth. We believe you wish to make investments based upon combined experience of other investors like yourself who are seasoned veterans of the daily market battles you see hints of on the exchanges. Bulls, Bears, Sharks, - we chose a lion for a reason. Come join us and discover why we feel we have the right methodology. Our Goal is to make this not just a community, but an Army of educated investors who leave integrity in their wake. We built this from the ground up for you. Become a part of something bigger than the average financial web gossip boards. Seek the truth. Find it with us.

From the entire team - Welcome. Join in the discussion and be a part of our family today.

Rick King

President & Founder & King of All Trades LLC


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